CLIFFHANGER! - a real-life silent movie

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Winner of the "Best Street Theatre Show" award at Tàrrega International Theatre Festival, Spain 2006.

With falling buildings, dare-devil escapology, silent comedy and live piano accompaniment, CLIFFHANGER! has proved to be Bash Street Theatre's most successful and enduring street theatre show.

Inspired by Buster Keaton's short film 'Convict 13', CLIFFHANGER! is an hour-long, silent-movie style production that returns to the golden age of the silver screen. This action-packed, family show has been enjoyed by audiences of young and old alike.

CLIFFHANGER! follows the fortunes of a love-sick café waiter as he becomes innocently embroiled in a prison escape. When the heroine is abducted by a convict, there ensues a series of hair-raising episodes as our hero strives to rescue his new-found love.

CLIFFHANGER! has toured throughout the UK and extensively in Europe, with performances in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy and Spain, where it won the "best street theatre" award at the prestigious Tàrrega Theatre Festival in September, 2006.


Bash Street shows are truly international - having been enjoyed by audiences of young and old alike at major festivals throughout the UK, Europe, and the Far East since 1991.

"A very clever, witty and well thought out show, and a fantastic finale...kept young and old entranced for a full hour."
The Guardian

"Petits frères des Marx Brothers et du Mime Marceau réunis, ces anglais du tonnerre ont emballés hier soir le public."
La Tribune

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Technical requirements
Level performing area of 14m x 10m, with a height of at least 7m.
Access to performing area for unloading with parking facilities.
Close access to 240-volt electricity power supply.
Length of performance: 50 minutes
Set-up time: Three hours.

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