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October Update!
Be a Commissioner for Bash Street Theatre's New Show for 2012!

In July we had the fantastic news that our Arts Council Application for funding for this project was successful! Then in September we went to Le Fourneau creation centre in Brest and secured a two week residency for the end of March 2012. During this time we will be working with Fabrice Bisson from Jo Sature et ses joyeux osselets, a French company whose work we enjoy. We will also be performing some test shows at Le Fourneau.

In a few weeks we will be starting our R&D, working with a group of artists to brainstorm ideas. All very exciting. Then on the 14th and 15th November we will be at the ISAN Conference, presenting this project in the Ideas Summit.

To draw down our Arts Council grant we need to confirm, by the end of November 2011, which commissioners will be participating in the project. There is some flexibility, so if you are really interested in participating but your timeframe is different, please still contact us so that we can talk about the options.

The Creative Idea

THE CIRCUS GIRL will be set around a travelling circus, with an old fashioned showman’s caravan and trailer – The Smallest Show on Earth. The characters will include a strongman/acrobat circus boss, his ‘put upon’ daughter and an itinerant traveller who arrives looking for work.
This storyline will be devised and developed in rehearsal, incorporating circus skills, magic, physical theatre and live music. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 silent film ‘The Circus’, this show will see the company revisiting its circus roots in a silent movie style, with original music and a monochrome set design.


The company is looking for 10 co-commissioners who will contribute £1,500 each towards the development of the show. In addition, each commissioner will book the company for at least one performance at a fee of £1,500 (plus travel and accommodation) during the summer 2012. The company would also offer a reduced fee for further performances with commissioners so as to develop the show further. In addition the company would like to discuss with the commissioners other potential opportunities for working together: opportunities for ‘tryout’ shows, joint-marketing initiatives, introduction to other potential commissioners etc.

The aim is for commissioners to pay the commissioning fee before January 2012, then book the show in the normal way.

Touring Plans

This show will tour exclusively to the commissioning partners in the summer of 2012.
In 2013 the show will then be available for booking throughout the UK and will be presented at key showcase events.
In 2014 the show will commence touring throughout Europe.

We expect the project to continue touring until at least 2014.

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